In our constant endeavors to innovate along with our transportation and logistics services and to adopt...


PTCPL operates its own fleet of trucks, trailers, tankers and Specialized equipments. Land transport services...


Geographically, India is a natural transit point for all major shipping lines. The country has infrastructure to...


Our Core Business is the organization of full truck / trailers loads by road and in Combined Transport throughout India. A constantly increasing transport volume requires innovative transport solutions which reduce effects on climate change and cope with fluctuating fuel prices. Since 1986 Poddar Transport Corporation Private Limited (PTCPL) has carried out pioneering work in the development of consolidated logistics.

Why choose Us?

With our expertise in logistics operations, we can offer optimum,reasonable,coordinated and competent service solutions.
  • Wide network base.
  • Efficient team of skilled workforce.
  • Complete customer satisfaction.
  • On time delivery.
  • Personalized attention to client’s individual needs.

A Capacity Solution Provider

A successful company is measured by more than just the bottom line; it's also about performance, service and relationships. For more than 30 years, PTCPL has set high standards in each of these areas, and we make it our business to keep raising the bar. With our deep, experienced team connecting every link in the supply chain, you are free to focus on your core interests while leaving the heavy lifting to us. Let PTCPL help you reach your goals.


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